Ron Bechstein
Ron Bechstein

Position: Chief
Employer: Plain Twp, City of Bowling Green Schools
Began Fire Service: 1983
Joined CJFD: 1989
Like most about CJFD: Opportunity to give back to the community
Hobby: NASCAR and riding motorcycle
Most proud of: The outstanding personnel I get to work with

Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee

Position: Assistant Chief
Employer: Penta Career Center
Began Fire Service: 1994
Joined CJFD: 1997
Like most about CJFD: The training!
Hobby: Spending time at the fire station
Most proud of: My supportive wife and three beautiful girls

Mel Amos
Mel Amos

Position: Captain
Employer: CSS
Began Fire Service: 1985
Joined CJFD: 1989
Like most about CJFD: Brotherhood
Most proud of: My daughter

Ryan Spuhler

Postion: Lieutenant
Employment: Emergency Nurse Practitioner
Began Fire Service: 2004
Joined CJFD: 2004
Like most about CJFD: Opportunity for advancement, training, and strong brotherhood
Hobby: Grilling
Most proud of: My CJFD family

Aaron Hemmelgarn

Postion: Lieutenant
Employer: State Fire Marshall
Began Fire Service: 2004
Joined CJFD: 2004
Like most about CJFD: Being able to help people when they need it
Hobby: Hanging out with friends
Most proud of: The amount of volunteer work I do

Donnie Zeigler

Postion: Lieutenant
Employment: Equipment Operator
Began Fire Service: 2011
Joined CJFD: 2011
Like most about CJFD: Family
Hobby: Hunting
Most proud of: Helping others

Jerrod Parsell

Postion: PIO
Employer: City of Perrysburg
Began Fire Service: 2007
Joined CJFD: 2007
Like most about CJFD: We never stop training and are always looking for new procedures and practices.
Hobby: Riding my motorcycle
Most proud of: My family