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 The Central Joint Fire District would like to share information with our community that can help families prepare for emergencies. This page is designed to share links and news that families can use as they plan their response when things take a turn for the worse. Proper planning prevents poor performances, and the more a family prepares, the more likely that a positive outcome may result.

Open Burning Regulations

The links below will help homeowners understand the laws and factors that influence ones ability to burn waste and debris at their home.

EPA Flier

Ohio Administrative Code

Resources for the family

The US Fire Administration has a number of great resources available to help families prepare for emergencies. These fun activities are great for a rainy afternoon or that long car ride this summer.

US Fire Administration Kids Page

Sparky the Fire Dog  

Fire Safety Tips

Central Joint Fire District cares about safety in all of its forms. Captured here are some tips that appeared over a series of weeks during Thanksgiving and Christmas on our FaceBook page.

Safety Tips

Being Prepared for Emergency Situations

In general, there are many simple things that families can do to reduce the impact of an emergency. This page has several links that can assist in your families’ preparation.

Emergency Preparation